What techniques can I do with Colour Bunz®?

  1. You can create precise highlights and lowlights, and fashion trends, ombre, and balayage,
  2. Use Colour Bunz® close to the scalp, midshaft, or just the ends.
  3. You can protect your highlights while you do a darker base color. Apply conditioner to your hair highlights, press into a Bunz, then apply your base color or when rinsing your base color out.
  4. You can use Colour Bunz® instead of curlers to add waves and curls to your hair.
  5. They can also be used as a styling base, as for extra height, or to create a chignon, or to create formal styles, such as French twist.
  6. Correct your color, put the color exactly where you want it.
  7. Isolate and color just the grey hair
  8. Use in place of perm rods
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