How are they different from Foils and Caps? What are the benefits?

The Benefits… Bunz vs Foils, Caps, Etc…

  1. Colour Bunz® allow exact placement and application of color.

Frosting/ high lighting caps are inconsistent in placement causing overlapping of color & breakage.

  1. Colour Bunz® are pain free!

Frosting/high lighting caps are painful because often your scalp is picked or your hair tangles when being pulled through the cap.

  1. Colour Bunz® safely isolate the hair you want to color, no bleeding.

Comb & brush high lighting methods allow bleeding of color unto surrounding hair causing unwanted brassy color.

  1. Colour Bunz®allow the color product to develop fully without drying out.

Comb & brush high lighting methods allow the color product to dry out, stopping the color process and causing unwanted brassy color.

  1. Colour Bunz® is neat & easy.

Comb & brush method is messy…

  1. Colour Bunz® stay where you put them.

Foils move and slide.

  1. Colour Bunz® are absorbent, therefore, no oozing

Color can ooze out of foils.

  1. Colour Bunz® slide out easily, no pulling hair. Pain Free!

Foils fold up, tangle hair and are painful when removed.

  1. Simply pinch and peek inside Colour Bunz® to see the color processing.

Foils make it hard to check color processing.

  1. Colour Bunz® are washable & reusable. Save money!

Foils are used once& thrown away.

  1. Colour Bunz® are practically weightless… comfortable

Foils are heavy…

  1. Colour Bunz® bring new excitement to the salon and can be used at home!

Foils are old salon tools and are hard to use at home.

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