Colour Bunz® Styling Book

Styling with Colour Bunz®!

Colour Bunz® - BunzIT!You will find the Bunz a terrific styling aid when trying out new dos. We used a blue one just for the purpose of having a clear image marking the Bunz placement.

Bunz Girlz are nothing if not creative types, and we welcome any images and techniques you want to share with the Bunz community. We bet some of you will have very avante garde styles using the colored Bunz too. Cannot wait to see them! Click here to submit your ideas

French Twist


  • Brush hair to one side.
  • Secure Bunz just off center.
  • using bobby pins.
  • Brush hair back over Bunz.
  • Tuck loose ends under Bunz.
  • Secure with hair pins.



Chignon Bun


  • Bobby pin the ends of the Bunz to create a ‘bagel’ form.
  • Make ponytail.
  • Slide the ponytail through the Bunz ‘bagel’.
  • Separate and spread the ponytail to cover over the Bunz ‘bagel’.
  • Stretch an elastic band over the Bunz ‘bagel’ to secure the hair covering the Bunz.
  • Pin under loose ends, or leave free for a textured look.


Adding Height


  • Backcomb front section.
  • Place Bunz at crown, secure with bobby pins.
  • Lightly brush teased hair over Bunz.
  • Smooth, secure with hair pins.
  • Spray for hold.




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