Made in the U.S.A.

Colour Bunz® are new US patented tools that revolutionize the way we color hair. They enable the user to create precise highlights, lowlights, and hair color special effects without foils or caps. Soft, flexible, washable & reusable Bunz (think ‘hotdog’ bun), contains and isolates color treated hair as the color processes so no over processing! Colour Bunz®currently come in 2 styles, thin channels for fine hair and natural looking highlights (Pink), and wide channels for thick hair and a multitude of creative color options (blue).

Colour Bunz® isolate and separate the hair that is being color treated. They prevent the color from bleeding onto surrounding hair which prevents unwanted brassy tones. At the same time they contain the color treated hair, prevent the color from drying out, thereby allowing the color to process fully for the best results. Instructions are easy, simply select the hair you want to color, apply the color, press the color treated hair into the Bunz channel. Set a timer according to color manufacturers’ instructions, check the color processing, remove when ready, shampoo, and condition.

You can use any kind of hair color with Colour Bunz®. Choose a bleach for lightening your hair. Choose a dark color dye to add darker dimension to your hair. Hot bright colors can also be used. Note: dark colors may stain Colour Bunz® but that does not affect how they work.

  1. You can create precise highlights and lowlights, and fashion trends, ombre, and balayage,
  2. Use Colour Bunz® close to the scalp, midshaft, or just the ends.
  3. You can protect your highlights while you do a darker base color. Apply conditioner to your hair highlights, press into a Bunz, then apply your base color or when rinsing your base color out.
  4. You can use Colour Bunz® instead of curlers to add waves and curls to your hair.
  5. They can also be used as a styling base, as for extra height, or to create a chignon, or to create formal styles, such as French twist.
  6. Correct your color, put the color exactly where you want it.
  7. Isolate and color just the grey hair
  8. Use in place of perm rods

The Benefits… Bunz vs Foils, Caps, Etc…

  1. Colour Bunz® allow exact placement and application of color.

Frosting/ high lighting caps are inconsistent in placement causing overlapping of color & breakage.

  1. Colour Bunz® are pain free!

Frosting/high lighting caps are painful because often your scalp is picked or your hair tangles when being pulled through the cap.

  1. Colour Bunz® safely isolate the hair you want to color, no bleeding.

Comb & brush high lighting methods allow bleeding of color unto surrounding hair causing unwanted brassy color.

  1. Colour Bunz®allow the color product to develop fully without drying out.

Comb & brush high lighting methods allow the color product to dry out, stopping the color process and causing unwanted brassy color.

  1. Colour Bunz® is neat & easy.

Comb & brush method is messy…

  1. Colour Bunz® stay where you put them.

Foils move and slide.

  1. Colour Bunz® are absorbent, therefore, no oozing

Color can ooze out of foils.

  1. Colour Bunz® slide out easily, no pulling hair. Pain Free!

Foils fold up, tangle hair and are painful when removed.

  1. Simply pinch and peek inside Colour Bunz® to see the color processing.

Foils make it hard to check color processing.

  1. Colour Bunz® are washable & reusable. Save money!

Foils are used once& thrown away.

  1. Colour Bunz® are practically weightless… comfortable

Foils are heavy…

  1. Colour Bunz® bring new excitement to the salon and can be used at home!

Foils are old salon tools and are hard to use at home.

Colour Bunz® are used by home hair color users. It’s the only way to create highlights and creative color trends at home with the precision of a professional.
Also Colour Bunz® are used across the country by professionals who keep up with new products, new techniques, love to express their creativity, and are community conscience by using products that are ‘green’.

Colour Bunz®are easy to care for. Simply wash with soap and water by hand, or in a washing machine. Air dry. Suggestion: wash and store in a mesh bag. Wash Colour Bunz® separately from clothing to prevent color staining clothing.

No, hair color is not included. Each user has her specific need and will purchase the color needed separately.

Anyone who wants to color hair can use Colour Bunz®. Hair salon professionals, cosmetology students, women of all ages, teens, men, consumers who want to save money, consumers who are environmentally conscious.

Order Colour Bunz® at www.ColourBunz.com and on Amazon.com