Colour Bunz® Story


If You Love Hair Color, You will Love Colour Bunz®!

Colour Bunz® was created by a professional hair colorist who loves hair color. It’s a tool for home hair color users as well as the professionals because it enables the user to create hair color effects like never before and at the same time save time, save money, and save the planet.

The problem for the DIY home colorist: “I do my color at home because I have to save money. I try highlights, but never get what I want. Caps are painful. The color overlaps and my hair breaks. Foils are difficult to manipulate. Precise highlights are never precise. Coloring curly hair is daunting! Where do I begin! Combs and brushes allow the color to touch other parts of my hair and I always get brassy color, not the blonde I want.  I want dimension in my hair! Help!” comments from home hair color users we talk to.

The problem for the professional:  “I’m a PHD… professional hair dresser, colorist to be exact. Day after day I foil, foil, foil, over and over again. Is that all there is? Caps are painful and placement is limited and unpredictable, balayage with comb or brush is uncontrollable as the color bleeds onto surrounding hair. This comb and brush application exposes the color to the air which causes the color to dry out.  The result is unwanted warmth.I use tissues, or cotton, but what a mess, and it all ends up in the garbage. Coloring curly hair requires painful brushing thru the curls and is at best, guess work, never knowing exactly where the color will fall in the curl pattern. And foils? Slip, slide, tangle up the hair, tricky to check color, they’re heavy on the head and painful to remove. Clients do their best to grin and bear the weight of foils and the pain of having the unfolded and pulled out while in the sink, but worst of all, we throw them away… foils are a waste of money and a waste product that ends up in our landfills.” Comments from colorists we talk to.

The problem for the salon client who also touches up at home: “I go to the salon. I’m a professional and it’s important for me to look my best at all times. Money is not an issue, but time is. I can’t always get to the salon before a trip or meeting so I do a touch up at home. My colorist is aware and is supportive. In fact she has guided me in choosing the best box color product to use. Sometimes I want to touch up a few highlights, or I want a change, I want to add some lowlights, but I don’t know what to use.” Comments of clients and friends we talk to.

The inspiration: “I kept thinking,there are problems with the hair color tools we currently use. We use caps, and foils, and tissues, and cotton, just as we use hot rollers, and Velcro rollers, and flat irons and curling irons. One tool does not do it all and we all needed something new,for everyone. Something easy to use, cost effective, comfortable, environmentally friendly and fun. It should be washable, reusable, enable control of placement, protect color development and offer multiple applications and techniques because hair coloring is a creative art form.” BarbaraForgione – Developer of Colour Bunz ®

The solutions:  ‘ColourBunz®:  the revolutionary new way to color hair. It’s so unique, the US granted it a patent!

Finally! The home colorist can create precise highlights, lowlights, and the latest color trends with ease. Now you can do it like a pro, save money and do it yourself!

Finally! The professional colorist has a washable, reusable tool that replaces foils in many applications. It’s comfortable for the client while it brings excitement into the salon. Now you can be the talk of the town, save money and save the planet.

Finally! The salon client who also colors at home can touch up her color and highlights as well! Now you can do it on your time, any time and look your best all the time!

ColourBunz® come in 2 styles: thin channel for fine hair and natural highlights (pink), and wide channel for thick hair and more creative options(blue).

Application specialties include: highlights, lowlights, ombre, somber and balayage. Got curly hair? Don’t brush out the curls, just select the curl you want to color and ‘Bunz it!’ Easy color placement, pain free, put the color exactly where you want it! Plus! Colour Bunz® can be used as rollers to create or refine curls and waves. Use them as a styling base for French twists, chignons, or volume. Creative options are endless.

A word about the environment… did you know 1 stylists uses about 1 cubic feet of foils a month? That’s 12 cubic feet a year. Multiply that by 600,000 stylists in the USA, equals 7,200,000 cubic feet of used foils. These foils fill 83 Olympic size swimming pools. Did you know aluminum takes 200-400 years to disintegrate! Put those numbers together and we have a mess! ColourBunz® are not for every application, but they are fabulous for many techniques. They will not eliminate all the foils in our landfills but they can put a big dent in the waste.


My clients say: ‘I’ll never be foiled again!’

Barbara Forgione, Developer of Colour Bunz®
colorist, salon owner, educator, community active environmentalist